Drinks & Dining at 32|32

Unique Experiences & Libations

Hotel 32|32 is surrounded by some of Manhattan's best restaurants. But did you know that one of NYC's most unique and intimate sushi experiences could be found tucked away in our little boutique hotel near East 32nd Street?

Sushi by Bou is changing the sushi scene across America, bringing a high end “Omakase” (also known as “chefs choice”) experience to the people in an intimate, speakeasy environment. Our timed Omakase (30-minute and 60-minute options are available) is served at either a four-seat or eight-seat counter and features the freshest of fish, both locally sourced, as well as brought in from all over the world. Seasoned Sushi chefs serve you directly, guiding you through the meal to provide a truly exclusive experience. The high-end cuisine is wonderfully complemented by a craft selection of handmade cocktails, imported sake and rare Japanese whiskeys.

Sushi Suite 1001

Ten stories above the hustle and bustle of New York City, nestled in a quiet corner of Hotel 3232 lies one of New York City's best kep and most unique secrets, the first ever hotel room transformed into a restaurant. Inside a converted hotel room, Sushi Suite 1001, is a chic and modern space sporting an intimate four seat sushi bar, along with a breathtaking bar and terrace overlookign the city skyline. Prepare for a high end Omakase Sushi Experience unlike anything else.

Sushi by Bou Nomad

Sushi by Bou Nomad, one of the most revolutionary sushi concepts to take New York by storm in the last several years. Sushi by Bou Nomad specializes in Japanese style Omakase, also known as "Chefs Choice" sushi tasting, with a counter that can acommodate up to 8 guests at a time. Delicate and fresh fish is served in a sleek and comfortable setting, all within a 30 minute time period, making sushi by bou nomad perfect for a quick lunc hor pre/post theater dinner.

The 86

Secret Cocktail bar located just past Sushi by Bou on our lobby level. The 86 invites you to join us, knock back a few drinks and maybe even lose track of time.